2X/Month Neurolife Brain Health Workshop w/ Carrie Boan

Noon-1:30pm, monthly on the 1st Friday, in the CONNECTING room &
7-8:30pm, monthly on the 3rd Monday, upstairs in the GATHERING room

Brain health, or mental fitness as I call it, is important to every single one of us and those in our lives.  How do we achieve mental fitness?  How do we maximize our brain function to live a healthy, happy, less stressful life?  How can we interact with today’s stressful society and maintain our mental fitness?  How can we teach our children so they grow to become mentally strong adults?  Join us as we explore the

Four Pillars of Mental Fitness

Mental fitness isn’t just one component.  We combine each component to create a sound mind and body in which to interact with our loved ones, society, and life.

Facilitator: Carrie A. Boan, carrie@brainfitbody.com, certified brain health & life coach, neuro linguistic programming practitioner, a congenital heart defect survivor, and a  mother of 2 sports-oriented boys whose father suffers from post-concussion syndrome, coaches individuals on the importance of dominating your brain health, thoughts, words, and actions so you can design a happy and healthy life you love.

Carrie specializes in coaching those who struggle with focus, mental clarity, and personal/professional fulfillment as well as those dealing with anxiety, post-concussion, PTSD, ADD, and numerous other brain traumas.  Carrie created a master program to regain control of your own brain resulting in success, happiness, and fulfillment.