Love Letters

bliss a dream incubator for people with talent to share. All are welcome and everyone benefits by this free exchange of sharing.

We hope you will join us…


“bliss is an absolute treasure to the community of Mt Pleasant and Charleston. A place to cultivate and nurture body, mind and soul with some amazing, talented, wonderful people. Just finished a really great workshop on stress reduction…exploring astrology up next. Drop in sometime. Your vibration will be raised 100%.” Liz Fuentes


“Exactly what I needed when I needed it. Everyone is so welcoming and open. I feel like I am home when I’m here.” Lisa Kennedy


“This is a very unique place that I found after moving to the city. I made my first friends here. You can show up to a class even if you have no experience, friends, or even if you are just flat broke. No judgement here – just good people in a chilled out environment.” Jennifer Sharp Collins


“Thanks for the good work you and the Bliss gang do. It is a haven of love, healing and learning for me. What a gift!” Mary Tutterow


I’ve found it! An intimate mecca in Mt. Pleasant. I’ve only been once and they are very deserving of 5 stars. Clean, comfortable, roomy, friendly… I’m in love.  Michael Bailey


“My soul was thirsty for knowledge and new connections. I followed my interest in lucid dreaming and I found myself here at bliss Spiritual Co-op, Inc. I feel so incredibly grateful for this wonderful place of learning, healing, and growing. Aside from the lucid dreamers meeting, I have also attended a meditation with singing bowls made of quartz crystals. There are tons of benefits of being a part of this community, whether you want to practice yoga & meditation, learn to cook and play guitar, or brush up on your creative writing skills, you can do all these things and so much more!! After living in Charleston for almost a year, this is the one place I want to share with everyone! Check out their upcoming events, come along with me to this magical place!” Aurora Taylor


“bliss is my new sanctuary. Love is so strong there. It’s my home away from home! ” Tim Shaw


“Best place I have been to in many years. Great people , great environment.” Kay Crane


“An answer to my prayers. Nourishment for healing, health, learning, loving and giving.” Susan King


“Loving bliss. Great way to occupy time. Having withdraws from not working full time and part time. Waiting for disability and only living on part time income made me become very frugal. But with God holding my hand, I can make it.” Ann Dovre


“It’s a second home and everyone is invited! There are so many classes. It’s a very loving space.” Ana Haugsoen


“bliss is a magical place. Tish has created a welcoming and vibrant environment where community can take root and thrive. As a Charleston newbie I’ve found bliss to be a great place to meet interesting and interested people.”  Renee Orth


“Thank you for the wonderful  Centering Prayer Gathering! I just wanted to tell you that I Love it and it is totally AWESOME! Thanks for making it happen!!!!!!!!! : ) Love You, Nina


“Amazing group of people. I felt such peace & comfort tonight sharing and hearing the stories of others. Diana and Tish are truly amazing beautiful women. Diana, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful gift. I will always treasure it. It was a sign from my Mom to be there and meet you and share such love tonight. Thank you so much.” Dawn Boone.

“Bliss is a wonderful place filled with loving, caring beautiful women with hearts of Gold. Thank you Tish for your vision, drive and commitment  for serving the needs of the community.  I always have a great time when I enter the doors of Bliss.” Khetnu Nefer


I stumbled upon Bliss and they offered me soup. I was afraid to leave because it was like I’d wake from an accepting, loving, blissful dream.” Carol Stang Moore


“This is a place filled with love, joy, friendship and the presence of Spirit. So many enriching and fun activities to choose from. I just tried Belly dancing, what a hoot ! Much gratitude to Tish for having the courage to step out in faith and make her vision a reality. “ Janet Herron


Walking into Bliss felt like I walked into my dream home! The look, atmosphere, and warm hearts that greeted me at the door was amazing!” Kat Ponds

A wonderful place for exploring new ideas and activities” Jeannine Despeaux


Bliss fills a community need that we may not even realize that we have until we have visited.” Sylvia Barnhill


 “I have found my spiritual home❤️ What a great place to find yourself!” Jennifer Allara


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