Explore Yin Yoga with Marc Barrie

7:15-8:30pm, weekly each Tuesday, Yin Yoga: Move beyond the muscular system and work on stretching and stimulating the fascia or connective tissue. 3 to 5 minute pose holds that help to access the meridians or energy channels of the body. Mostly floor poses.
No previous experience needed.

Facilitator: Marc Barrie, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, marc.barrie@gmail.com

As part of an ongoing process of self improvement and care, I was inspired to take a yoga class. I felt an immediate affinity for the practice, and found myself in the studio (at least once) every day ever since.  I can’t think of anything previously in my life that has had such an impact or commanded so much dedication and interest.  Delving even deeper, I spent six months of weekends in teacher training learning about anatomy, history, philosophy, practical application, and so much more. I am excited about sharing my practice with others and especially the wonderful community here at bliss.