” GO CHANT, BE HAPPY ” with Jack Palmer

Join Jack 1-2pm, monthly on the 2nd Saturday, upstairs in the GATHERING room.

The chanting of mantras transcends the senses, nourishes the spirit and calms the restless mind. It can help uncover our true inner being and connect us with the Divine. Reverberations of the sound have been said to awaken the prana or spiritual life force and open and balance the Chakras.

The class is a a mixture of kirtans and bhajans in a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere. Initially the only props are a mridanga drum, hand cymbals and shakers, flip chart and a bluetooth speaker. A typical class begins with a brief history of mantras and covers 1 or 2 chants depending on time.

Program Format:

Introduce chant
Share Sanskirt verses up on flip chart with pronunciations and meaning
Play a recording of the song for the class to hear
Go over any nuances of structure,  tempo, intonation, etc.
Sing mantra thru a few times and then add in tamboura drone in key of chant, drumming and percussion.

Facilitator: Jack Palmer, jrpdrums@aol.com

I have a business degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Most of my working career has been in the event technology field and I am presently employed at Charleston Place hotel.

I have been drumming and singing practically my whole life starting with bongos at the age of 5, playing in school orchestras, various jazz and rock bands and an African drum choir. I began my spiritual path in 1987 and journeyed to India a few years later. I spent many evenings at a siddha yoga center chanting sacred Sanskrit texts.

It wasn’t until I moved to Charleston from Atlanta with my wife Linda 3 years ago that I came to realize that combing my love for drumming and for God is how I would find the greatest joy. Over the years I have been studying the history of the sacred utterances known as mantras that came out of the Vedic scriptures. I’ve attended international Kirtan acts including Krishna Das , Prema Hara, Russell Paul and Deva Premal.

Locally I have helped facilitate  and lead chanting at various yoga studios and spiritual gatherings.