An Introduction to Basic Conflict Resolution with Kirby Jock

12:30-2pm, Saturday, May 27th, with Kirby Jock

An Introduction to Basic Conflict Resolution:  The focus of the class is to provide an introduction to basic tools and techniques used in the field of mediation to manage conflict successfully, as well as to provide essential knowledge that one may use to grow peace in one’s life and daily interactions.

Facilitator: Kirby Jock,, is the current President, and a Co-Founder of the Branch of Peace Foundation.  Kirby has a wealth of experience in the fields of peace and environmental sustainability, and is a certified professional mediator, holds an MPA from the University of Washington, a graduate certificate in dispute resolution from Antioch University, and a Bachelors in Environmental Science from the State University of New York.

We are lucky to have Kirby sharing his knowledge and training with us.  Please show your appreciation by attending his class.