Meet The Facilitators

Diana DeaverDiana Deaver is an international life coach, motivational speaker and visual artist. Her work focuses on
* shame reduction
* healing childhood trauma
* resolving self sabotage
* relationship issues with the self and with others
Diana began her apprenticeship as an emotional health coach in 2008 and has been deepening her coaching skill ever since through both academic and non academic studies.

In her sessions Diana combines deep listening with thought provoking inquiries that support her clients into a self empowering examination of their personal challenges. She has a gift for looking underneath the surface of emotional pain and into a deeper understanding of the trauma that originated it. Once the emotional load is reduced, then painful beliefs are examined and transformed into more supportive and compassionate perspectives.

In addition to private coaching sessions, Deaver facilitates group emotional health work at Bliss Spiritual Co-Op, speaks publicly on emotional health topics and hosts emotional healing retreats yearly.


imageJ and Sunita Hira are Americans of Indian ethnicity. Sunita was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya where she started her career as a high school history teacher. J spent his early years in India, and moved to California around 42 years ago establishing himself as a businessman.

Semi-retired, they moved to Charleston in 2005. Thereafter, they volunteered much of their time and also dabbled with a few business projects, acquiring the property in Summerville they had envisioned creating a much needed venue for spirituality, yoga and other such meetup groups, thus came about the vision of the Serenity Center.

A Passionate Spirituality educator, and an author, Sunita believes that the whole physical universe is a mayic dream, an idea of the divine Spirit. She volunteers in yogic organizations in Charleston where she shares the gift of Yogic knowledge.

Together, J and Sunita are ardent champions for the cause of fighting world hunger, they sincerely wish to bring about a benevolent change in the community, together with Carmen and the team of Serenity Center we are always in service to humanity.


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