The Missing Piece Adoptee Search and Support Group w/ Jeannie Bluemel

6-7pm, monthly on the 1st Wednesday

Adoptees only to participate in this group. These sessions will give the opportunity for Adoptees to share their story in a safe place. By sharing we can find answers, peace and comfort. Unburdening our hearts and minds of issues that have been affecting us for years, we begin the Healing Process to the deep wound of being separated from our natural mothers. Infants are not able to verbalize grief, yet show grief and learn to self-cope and self-soothe the loss they experience. These patterns often follow us throughout life and it is only with uncovering the mysteries of our origin that we begin to heal. A time together of talking, sharing, learning and discovery.

Warning: Making art may result. We encourage each other to express ourselves in various forms.

Recommended Book:     The Primal Wound by Nancy Verrier. Available on Amazon. Please choose bliss Spiritual Co-op as your Amazon Smile Charity recipient.

Facilitator: Jeannie Bluemel, a local technology services proprietor in Charleston, SC, has been programming and working with computers and their people since she was 12.

Raised in the Charleston area, she was born in Louisville, KY, adopted as a newborn directly from the hospital. Her South Carolinian parents were attending college in Kentucky and upon graduation she, her parents, and one younger sister, returned to Charleston. At the advice of the social worker, she grew up with the knowledge of her adoption and always believed that one day she would find her mother.

In 1996, at the age of 30 and living in Nashville, TN, Jeannie thought it was the perfect time to begin the Search. Diving deep into this new thing called The Internet, she discovered Adoptee groups online, read numerous books on searching and joined online Search Registries.

Within 3 months, she noticed information on her own Amended Birth Certificate which led her to meet the Doctor who delivered her at birth. And soon thereafter, she found her natural mother and two brothers.

During the Search, Jeannie found the online Adoptee group discussing the need for a symbol or icon to represent Adoptees. Jeannie explains, “In a dream, I saw this symbol, created it the next day, called it ‘The Missing Piece’, wrote my feelings in a poem and published it to the group for responses. Eighty replies in the first 24 hours! I made a lapel pin to share to help Adoptees start conversations. Hundreds of pins were mailed around the country in response to my design. Twenty years later, this symbol still resonates to those searching for their original family members.”

The emotional support  during this time of Searching was needed and partially met through her online adoptee friendships, but  it was the local Nashville Adoptee Support Group that  helped her before and after Reunion. She wants to help other Adoptees through their Search and Discovery stages by providing the time and space for discovery and more.

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The Missing Piece
*My Interpretation
The puzzle piece itself symbolizes this grandest of mysteries:
– are you my Mother?
The interlocking prongs represent two aspects of adoption:
the one inverted
-the void, the missing piece that we each singly experience,
and the three outward
– the outreaching nature of our lives:
the searching process: reaching out to others for help and guidance,
the yearning and straining for wholeness, and the journey to connect
The color black is for
(we will never know)
while the color white stands for
Hope and Inspiration that we
glean along the way
as we f i n d….
the remaining pieces of our own personal puzzle
The inner triangle is, of course, The Adoption Triangle
-birthparents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.
The inner missing piece is shaped to represent the missing person:
both the one we are searching for
& ourselves whom we find along the way.
*please feel free to adopt your own
***I originally drew this upside-down, when I realized the broken inner piece was in the perfect shape of a human silhouette.