Body Balance with Physical Therapist Susan King

12:15-1:15pm, weekly on Wednesday, (beginning May 31st).  Join us for Body Balance with physical therapist, Susan King; a mat class suitable for any and all (im)perfect bodies because it is especially designed for Participants with special needs, chronic pain, or who have found that regular group classes cause pain and create fear of a potential injury. If you have been looking for a more gentle, but comprehensive exercise class with less risk of pain and strain, try it.  

Exercises will primarily be while laying on your back, your side, your tummy, on hands and knees, tall kneeling, half-kneeling, and standing. We will explore unique and dynamic balance exercises you’ve probably never done before that are guaranteed to activate your deep core. I will introduce a very special group of exercises called the “Headless Ab Series” (smart and effective abdominal exercises that don’t require you to lift your head off the mat). We’ll use a specific set of props to ensure safe posture & positioning including: a special wedge to go under the sacrum, pads for the knees, a stretching strap, a dowel, theraband, and small & large physio-balls.

Facilitator: Susan King is a pain specialist with 25+ years of specialized training in Physical Therapy in Charleston. She worked at MUSC for 17 years and was the lead PT of the Biofeedback Research Lab and member of the Chronic Pain Team at MUSC for 10 of those years.  It is one of the first such research labs in the country and produced/ published some of the first research into the causal factors of pain as well as evidence-based treatment strategies. 

In 2007, Susan opened her own clinic (Northbridge PT and Pilates) and was the first PT in SC to integrate the use of pilates equipment with PT rehabilitation. She applied Pilates training for treatment of chronic and acute ballet, ice-skating, pilates and yoga injuries.  I was also interested in how to approach even more individualized treatment for: pre and post natal pelvic pain, chronic neck and low-back pain, osteporosis, fibromyagia, RSD and headaches.  She began to experiment with treatment of scoliosis in teenage and adult females.  This also required very specific spine de-rotation exercises that had to be adapted to an individual’s unique scoliosis patterns.  She sold that practice to East Cooper Medical Center in 2010, where she  worked as a PT for the next 5 years. 

This year, Susan decided to leave the PT clinic setting again so she could have another opportunity to learn and grow on her own. It is with great pleasure that she announces her new private practice, “PT and Pilates” located at  175 Lazy Lane Court in Mt Pleasant- no more than 2/10th of a mile from bliss.   It is cash-based, yet offers highly competitive rates, as Susan  believes good health should  be affordable.   Fees are outlined on my web-site at

In addition to a fully equipped Pilates Studio, Susan offers on-site aquatic therapy in the warm, summer months.   All of her work is one on one and highly individualized.  She uses a whole body, comprehensive treatment approach that draws from principles of Alexander Technique, Scolio-Pilates Treatment and the application of all that I learned from my years practicing with MUSC’s pain team.  

The web-site is a great way to get a full picture of her work: or contact Susan at


Susan invented her own own cupping device 6 years ago, “Cup & Release”.  Watch her perform dynamic cupping for myofascial release in 7 separate videos. To purchase visit

1) Paste this link below on the web browser      


2) Paste “Susan King PT” on the YouTube SEARCH line.

These videos are related to specific musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. The cupping device is her own invention. It’s the only PT invented cupping tool and one of the few that provide truly effective (non-bruising) and pain-free myofascial release. 

In addition, Susan has 2 published articles you might enjoy reading: Pilates-for-Ballet-Dancers.aspx


We are lucky to have Susan sharing this vast wealth of knowledge and experience with us at bliss!  Please show your appreciation by attending her class.