Osho Dynamic Meditation with Bailey Wilson

8:15-9:15am, every other Saturday morning.  Please see website calendar MEDITATION listing for dates.
Osho invented many meditations that have helped the world and I would like to share them with the people of Charleston. Osho developed active meditations as a meditation solution for the overwhelmed and over stimulated modern man and woman. Unlike traditional sit-down-and-be-still meditations, Dynamic Meditation introduces us to methods using movement and physical activity.  

Traditional meditation may be a challenge for the modern man and woman because technology, stress, and the over working of human beings makes it difficult to be still.  The media has brainwashed you with messages that lead you to believe you are not good enough, and that is a lie.  You are a masterpiece, but you must realize it.

Depression is a Neurotic holding pattern.  The opposite of depression is expression. As human beings, we need to express.  This is what active meditation provides by releasing trapped emotions that we otherwise may have held inside our whole lives.  I want to share the gift of Dynamic Meditation with the world.

No matter what you do for work or your religious background, I invite you to experience these meditations and become the strongest version of yourselves. I especially invite anyone who is a workaholic, just needs to release stress, or who strives for a better life, to come join me for these life changing meditations.

Dynamic Meditation Instructions:

This meditation lasts one hour and has five stages. Eyes closed is recommended throughout, using a blindfold if necessary. It can be done alone, but is even more powerful if it is done with others.

First Stage: 10 minutes of breathing chaotically through the nose. Let breathing be intense, deep, fast, without rhythm, with no pattern – and concentrating always on the exhalation. The body will take care of the inhalation. The breath should move deeply into the lungs. Do this as fast and as hard as you possibly can until you literally become the breathing. Use your natural body movements to help you to build up your energy. Feel it building up, but don’t let go during the first stage.

Second Stage: 10 minutes EXPLODE! Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Follow your body. Give your body freedom to express whatever is there. Go totally mad. Scream, shout, cry, jump, kick, shake, dance, sing, laugh; throw yourself around. Hold nothing back; keep your whole body moving. A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Consciously go mad. Be total.

Third Stage: 10 minutes with arms raised high above your head, jump up and down shouting the mantra, “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” as deeply as possible. Each time you land, on the flats of your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Give all you have; exhaust yourself completely.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes STOP!  Freeze wherever you are, in whatever position you find yourself. Don’t arrange the body in any way. A cough, a movement, anything, will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening to you.

Fifth Stage: 15 minutes Celebrate!   With music and dance express whatever is there. Carry your aliveness with you throughout the day.

Everyone is welcome. I hope you will join me.

Facilitator: Bailey Wilson, bbaileywilson@gmail.com
I would like to share Osho Meditations to Charleston.  Active meditation is the best thing that has ever happened to me. In this group we will do a verity of  Osho meditations concentrating on Dynamic Meditation.  We are here to breathe, express, ground, meditate, and dance. If you have any questions give me a call or text. (843)384-7715.