Emotional Health Meetup: Perfection-when wanting it all gives us too little with Diana Deaver

7-9pm, Thursday, May 25th, All Welcomed & Encouraged to Join Us!

One of the topics that has been brought to my attention often lately is just how much we ask of ourselves, how little compassion we have for our mistakes and how cruel we can be to ourselves when we perform less that how we desire. What is the balance between what we want and what we need? How do we learn to be ok with our humanity? Is it possible to be kind to ourselves in a society that values overdrive? These are some the questions we will examine this month.

Facilitator: Diana Deaver emotionalhealthcoaching.com, dianadeaver@gmail.com

The Emotional Health Meetup is meant to facilitate an authentic and meaningful connection between people who are curious about their emotional health and balance.

This group is best suited for:

• people who want to be part of a supportive community that encourages emotional wellbeing

• people who are interested in gaining a better understanding of themselves and their feelings

• people who want to discover more of their internal guidance and wisdom

Examples of topics we will be exploring:

•  how we experience, process and manage our emotions.

•  the relationships between our thoughts and our feelings

•  how our relationships impact our emotional health

• how self sabotage is related to meeting our needs

We will be meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month.

Please join us…