Healing and Transforming Relationships from the Inside Out w/ Glenn S. Cohen

2-3:15pm , monthly the 3rd Tuesday.

We experience significant emotional events though out life, beginning in childhood and into our adult lives.  These experiences may cause us to develop dysfunctional patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. Many of these patterns remain unconscious and may cause repetitive negative events in our life. The consequences of these events are represented by challenges we face in the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Join Glenn as he guides us on a journey of exploration into how these patterns begin, why we keep repeating them and the damaging effects these have on us.

Glenn will help us understand:
·  How our nervous system becomes wired and the impact that has on how we view the world
·  Why we seem to keep repeating negative patterns and staying stuck in a state of suffering
·  How to empower one’s self to heal our emotional wounds and re-connect with our authentic self
·  Create a strategy to transform ourselves and our relationships, from the inside out.

This group is designed for people to share their challenges in a safe environment in order to learn from each other. The group is open to anyone whether you are single, seeking to heal, looking for love, a couple searching for a way to restore the bond, or a business person exploring ways to achieve greater results.

Facilitator:  Glenn S. Cohen – Your Catalyst for Change
Strategic Growth Coach
Individuals, Couples, Executives
845 Lowcountry Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 29464