THIS SATURDAY Abundance: Passion, Purpose & Prosperity with Paula McGuire

2-5pm, September 1st, Intensive Saturday Weekend Workshop FUNraiser, includes light meal for $40 investment.

Abundance: Passion, Purpose & Prosperity. This is a 3-hour class that uses The Law of Attraction, Transformational Coaching and Energy Psychology to help Participants identify and claim the elements of the life they long to have.

True abundance is more than having money in your pocket, although that is important too. Please come explore with us the components of abundance and clear blocks to having that in your life and claim what is yours.

Facilitator: Paula McGuire has been a Practitioner of the Healing Arts for over 25 years. Paula’s desire to teach Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine awoke on a beautiful summer evening when her car lost power as she was on her way home from the airport and she spent the next hour and a half standing on the side of the freeway and practicing Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine on the situation. At some point she realized that her worries about getting home had evaporated and she noticed how beautiful the evening was as the world whizzed by. She marveled at how easy it had been to change her mindset and realized it would be enlivening to help others experience that same ease and ability to move to the positive side of a situation. Right there, standing on the side of the freeway, she designed her first Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine class.

Paula’s original education and training was in structural engineering. She had a desire to build bridges.
After 15 years of technical work, she took a nine-month sabbatical and gained a master’s degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality with an emphasis on Spiritual Psychology. During that time, she experienced Rosen Method Bodywork and, began to study it. It called to her as nothing else ever had. She had to do it. Upon completing that training, she became a psychotherapist so that she could hold more for her clients.

Then, as each step lead to the next, she was introduced to Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. She learned numerous energy healing modalities and became certified to teach several of them. She added some other offerings to her bag of tools, including becoming a BioMagnetic Therapy practitioner, a yoga instructor and minister.

Paula has been a Practitioner of the Healing Arts in California for over 25 years. Now, she is returning to her birthplace in the LowCountry to bring her work here. In addition to working with individuals, she offers classes in Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine for anyone who would like to feel better and also offers professional certification, mentoring, consultation and support in ThetaHealing®, Birth Your Life®, and classes towards certification and mentoring in TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®).

Eventually, it has all come full circle, as Paula finds her dream to build bridges is being actualized in her work as she helps individuals, families and communities find ways to connect through service and healing.