Awakening to Live Happily Ever After without the Fairy Tale Stories w/ Stacy Schuur

2-5pm Saturday, April 13th

**This is an Intensive Workshop FUNraiser to benefit the programs at bliss Spiritual Co-op. The suggested donation is $40 and includes a retreat meal. Please RSVP to to save your spot**

Thank -you for your friendship and support!

Are you ready to live in bliss everyday? Join Stacy Sunshine Schuur in this introductory workshop to discover your ability to truly awaken to this life. While guiding breathing exercises that produce a natural high, Stacy will share her story of of how Bliss Spiritual Co-op jump-started her transition from scientist to spiritual journey guide. Next, intimate connections will be built through white tantra exercises that deepen the breathing and collective movements. Then we will sit or lay down to journey on the path to awakening, leaving deconstructive energies like fear, anger, and anxiety and gaining creative energies that will light the path for us, all while obtaining 4 hours worth of deep sleep. Finally, we will end with a collective cooking class and discussion on nutrition needed for awakening before sharing the nourishing meal and having time for Q&A discussion.

Facilitator: Stacy Sunshine Schuur is a lifelong learner, a scientist who skeptically followed oracle cards to India to become a certified yoga teacher with ayurvedic emphasis, then still unbelieving, experienced a kundalini awakening, was gifted energy work, and now is finally opening up to all possibilities and guiding others on their spiritual journey by sharing the Secrets of Sunshine to live happily ever after without the fairy tale stories at and