Birth Chart Astrology 101 w/ Laura Baines

7-8:30pm, Join Laura for her last class on Tuesday, July 1oth.

Birth Chart Astrology 101 — great for beginners to astrology, or anyone wanting a more spiritual perspective on what they came here to learn on a deep/wholistic level. We go over various parts of the birth chart and what they mean. Topics may include: planets, signs, houses and aspects. Students can apply these general principles to their own chart.

**Participants please go to and enter your birth information (exact date, time and place of birth) to generate your chart for free. I recommend that you print this out beforehand and bring it to class, or you may enter this information into your phone during class. If you don’t have your birth information, you can always get it from your birth certificate after class and apply what you’ve learned in your own time after class.

Facilitator: Laura Baines studied psychology in college with plans of becoming a counselor. But when she graduated, she wasn’t sure she fit into the “typical” therapist/counselor box. She interviewed several local counselors and found one who practiced “soul-based counseling”. The title intrigued Laura, and during the interview the counselor mentioned she does astrological birth chart readings. Laura had never had one before, but thought, “what the heck!” and booked a time. That reading changed her life. It gave her permission to use spirituality as the foundation of her work and more importantly — to be who she really is on all levels. It was the first time Laura felt fully and deeply seen by another person. Ever since, she’s been infatuated with astrology and has done most of her astrological studies with Steven Forrest in his Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program. She has a passion for helping people discover and evolve who they truly are on a wholistic level.

You can contact Laura at if you have further questions or would like to book a private astrology session.