Codependency- When Love Becomes A Burden w/ Diana Deaver

7-8:30pm, Wednesday April 24th in the CONNECTING room.

Based on Pia Melody’s groundbreaking model of codependency recovery in this meet-up we will attempt to examine and understand how the 5 core issues of codependent relationships show up in our very own lives
These are:
– self esteem issues (less than/better than)
– boundary issues (too vulnerable/invulnerable)
– reality issues (what is my reality/what is real for others)
– dependency issues (too dependent/anti-dependent)
– moderation/ containment issues (out of control/controlling of others)

Facilitator: Emotional Health Life Coach Diana Deaver and this is a discussion based sharings so all participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation. Read more about Diana’s work at