Now 2X/Week College Financial Aid Planning & Personal Finance w/ Eleanor Lee Lewis

2 Drop-in Clinics weekly in the KNOWING room: 11am-1pm Wednesday and 9:30-11:30am Saturday

The structure of this sharing will allow for a maximum of 2 Participants each week. The first session will begin at 11am and the second session will begin at noon. Each session will run approximately 45 minutes in length. Spots will be allocated first come, first served via in house sign-up sheet only.

In 2019, a long-term influence will encourage us to find a balance between the material and the spiritual. This will be a stabilizing force, and will create an atmosphere for inner growth and a strong sense of our life’s purpose.

Eleanor would like to shine a light on practical issues that many of us need to address. After more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry, she offers families an overview of the college financial aid process and strategies to maximize aid eligibility. The ideal time to plan is when your child is a junior in high school. However, it is never too late to put a plan in place, even if your child has already enrolled.

Alternatively, she can provide you with a summary of trends and opportunities, and ways to navigate the financial landscape as we transition from one age into a new age with all the promises and challenges before us.  This outline will be personalized taking into consideration your individual financial profile, goals and risk tolerance.

She will meet with individuals one on one for a 45 minute consultation to present an overview of the financial aid process or a roadmap for financial planning and investing.

Facilitator: Eleanor Lee Lewis,

After many years of experience as a commercial real estate broker, an agent and financial planner with Prudential, Lincoln National and New York Life, along with student counseling and form preparation for college, Eleanor is happy to share her knowledge and experience with the bliss Spiritual Co-op Community.

She has been publishing a private letter on the Stock Market called Redbetweenlines for 11 years which includes guidelines for investors.