Culture, Spirtuality & Nature based Craft Class w/ Jackie Latzer

6-7pm, Session 1, October 16th in the CREATING room

10-11:30am, Session 2, October 20th in the CREATING room

The thrust of this Crafts Class is to re-purpose household items and craft supplies we have in the bliss art room and celebrate the culture of the South, our spirituality, and nature. For our first project we will be creating face jugs using recycled glass jars, papier-mâché, pipe cleaners, recycled paper from newspapers, and paint. Jackie will provide the papier-mâché and pipe cleaners. The creation of face mugs goes back to Egyptian times. In the South, African slaves created their own version of this pottery. Please bring a recycled glass jar to the class. This craft will require two sessions to allow the papier-mâché to dry before we paint.

Below is a face jug from the old south and the picture of the jar Jackie made as an example for the class.

Facilitator: Jackie Latzer moved here from Moorestown, NJ three years ago when her twins began their college education at the College of Charleston. A long-time lover of fine art, she taught 3D art at a camp for 5 years.