Discover the Benefits of Kangen Water with Margaret Blalock

Offered 2x/month beginning in May:

2nd Tuesday 10:30-noon in the CONNECTING room

4th Wednesday 7-8:30pm in the KNOWING room

Learn how a Japanese medical devise revitalizes filtered tap water infusing it with antioxidants while restructuring it into alkalized water that gets absorbed 80-90% better than tap, bottled or spring water. Learn how medicinal water can reduce oxidative stress which feeds free radicals that cause aging, sickness and disease. By fueling the body with it’s main component, consumers of this medicinal water can feel better, look younger and have more energy and mental clarity to do everything better. From the board room to the class room or from the gym to the field, get more life out of your years and more years out of your life with one simple change. Learn how to easily make a positive impact on the environment by eliminating expensive harmful cleaning products and medications with Ph balanced Kangen Water®. It is capable of emulsifying oil and sanitizing surfaces and is made with the push of a button. Come learn how easy it is to change your water, change your life!

Facilitator: Margaret Blalock,,  is a Hydration Specialist whose focus is to provide education about the critical role clean living water plays in the health of every individual and the planet. She enjoys teaching people how to eliminate harmful toxins from within the body and the world around us. She is passionate about educating others how it is possible to remove harmful chemicals from homes and places of business with harmless water capable of cleaning and sanitizing more effectively than traditional products. Her education comes from her personal life altering experience of avoiding eminent surgery and ending a 7 year dependency on numerous medications. Her commitment to learning all things related to optimal hydration and toxin reduction has made her an expert in this critical area as it relates to all things living. During her environment sustaining career she has helped many people improve their health, eliminating chronic pain and overcoming disease by strengthening the bodies’ ability to heal itself by attacking widespread dehydration head on and giving the body what it is thirsty for. In addition, her clients have experienced; softer more vibrant skin, an abundance of natural energy, crisper vision and clear mental focus to do whatever they do better. If you would like to improve your health and take better care of the earth, Margaret is eager to teach you how simply changing your water can change your life!