Dog Training Academy w/ Allison Raymunt

10-11:30am, 2nd Saturday in July & August in the CONNECTING room.

**This is an educational session for humans only.**

Class Goal: Understanding Dog Behavior, Body Language and Communicating Effectively during Training and after.

Dogs and humans communicate to each other very differently. Dogs are constantly communicating with their bodies and constantly watching our every movement. Nothing is done by accident or “coincidental”. We will discuss how dogs use their bodies and voices to communicate to other dogs and humans on how they are feeling, what they need and why they are doing what they are doing.

We will also discuss how you can effectively communicate to them via training methods, calming signals, and other methods that will make training and bonding more positive for the ENTIRE family.

The methods discussed for training will be using force free, positive reinforcement.

Facilitator: Allison L. Raymunt,, Allison owns Allison’s Animal Academy which provides Dog Training services to the greater Charleston area. As a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, she believes in following positive reinforcement training techniques that leads to a more compassionate and loving experience for the ENTIRE family.

Allison is originally from CT and has been in Charleston for the 4 years. She started the journey on the path of her Soul’s Purpose working with all kinds of dogs and cats when she opened her own dog walking / pet sitting business in 2010 where the business thrived for 6 years and she continued to dog walk and pet sit when she moved to Charleston.

In early 2019, Allison realized that there was more to her soul’s purpose by becoming a dog trainer as this was how she can make more of difference in the lives of families with dogs. So she enrolled in early March where she has diligently been studying and should be graduating in August and hopes to take the CPDT exam this fall as she continues to accrue the required 300 training hours to sit for the Exam.