Empowered Women Creating Change – Meet and Greet! w/ Crystal Jones

10am-noon, Saturday, October 27th,  in the CONNECTING room. (Frequency of future meetings will be determined at the 1st Meet and Greet; however, desired frequency is monthly)

It is my intent and greatest hope to be the catalyst for the formation of a group, comprised of women empowered to be and create the change we wish to see in the world. My vision is that this group be organic, collectively coming up with suggestions for community involvement, personal and professional development discussions, and support which is so crucial for our continued growth…a place where we can be vulnerable, authentic, and creative.

Group’s Purpose:

  • To create a place of support, healing, and growth for women.
  • Engage in community involvement, helping to facilitate the change we wish to see in the world.
  • Lead, participate, and facilitate group discussions, workshops, and activities geared towards personal and professional growth.
  • Powerful network of women using their gifts, talents, and creativity to live out their purpose.

Facilitator: Crystal Jones, crystalprofcoach@gmail.com

I like to think of myself as a Charleston native, by way of New Jersey. I love Charleston’s warm weather, hospitality, and let’s not forget, the “oh so” delicious cuisine. When I’m not working or caring for my beautiful little girl, I’m devoted to personal development and the sharing of knowledge through various forums.

Some interesting facts about me:
· I am a Momprenuer!
· Certified Life Coach and Trainer
· Lover of Life

My career spans over 20 years, in which I served honorably in the United States Air Force, worked in the federal government, non-profit sector, and private industries. I have completed a MS degree in Business and Organizational Security Management and BS Degree in Psychology.

If this sharing resonates with you, please join me for our 1st Meet and Greet! Much Love, Crystal