Experience the Healing of Singing Bowls with Linda LeShay

Join us the 4th Thursday of each month 7-8pm upstairs in the GATHERING & BEING rooms.

Crystal bowls are one modality that focuses on quieting the body, which in turn allows the mind to step in and begin the healing process. The healing process is just the simple procedure of returning to our state of perfect health by removing the negativity in the physiology, and allowing the mind to be a clear reflection of Pure Consciousness.

Healing begins with Consciousness.

Pure Consciousness holds the potential for perfect health.

Pure Consciousness utilizes the physical body to manifest itself.

The mind and body coexist to reflect the fullness of Pure Consciousness.

A healthy body allows the mind to enjoy the opulence of Pure Consciousness.

If the body is weakened by stress and negativity from the environment, disease will arise.

Disease deflects the appreciation of Pure Consciousness, and impairs the state of perfect health.

By allowing the body to return to its naturally settled, quiet, and serene state, the mind once again embraces Pure Consciousness and total healing begins.

Facilitator: Linda LeShay, Linda.leshay@gmail.com