Explore Acro-Yoga with Jermain Singleton

11:30am-1pm, monthly on the 3rd Saturday in the FEELING room beginning July 21st.

The acro-yoga is a mixture of yoga acrobatics and Thai massage in one. The practice is not just about flashy standing moves or flying in the air. It’s about creation, exploration, connection, and the acceptance of trust. The practice will attract a unique group from gymnast to regular practitioners of yoga. The class will begin with a warmup and a few drills to practice trust. Next we will explore some basic acro-yoga moves that will get any beginner on their way. The sequence will be bird pose, straddle throne, chair, whale and back to chair. If there is time left we can explore the prasarita twist. Here are some other important details below:

· This Practice is for everyone
· You do not need a partner
· Size does not matter
· Be willing to give and receive
· Have no expectations and enjoy yourself

Facilitator: Jermain Singleton

I started practicing acro-yoga about 4 years ago and fell in love with it after the first class. I was already casually going to yoga and it seem like something I may want to branch off to but became so much more. Prior to acro-yoga I was a runner, practiced martial arts and weightlifter for many years. I never imagine how fun it would be to balance others off my feet or hands and pop them in the air as well. From practicing acro-yoga, it made me aware of my lack of flexibility and balance which I have been working on seriously for the past 3 years although you couldn’t tell by looking. My actual profession is information technology which I have been doing for the past 7 years.

Additional information and questions about Acro-Yoga and this class can be answered in the discussion question section of the class Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/406536183158645/