Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Support Group w/ Roxie Perregaux

Noon-1:15pm, monthly on the 4th Tuesday in the KNOWING room.

The purpose of this gathering is to bring Participants together who are seeking information and solutions regarding healthy lifestyle choices – including nutrition, fitness, mind body awareness and holistic options. We will share our experiences and learn from each other in a round table atmosphere.  When available, guest Speakers/Presenters will be invited to the Tuesday meeting to facilitate topics or to offer presentations exploring fitness and nutrition. All Participants are invited to stay for Tuesday Soup at bliss after the meeting. This group also meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month for dinner and discussion at a local restaurant in the evening.

Facilitator:  I come from a background of fitness/sports, my BS degree is Nutrition and my business is health, wellness and nutrition. I was a Certified Personal Trainer from 1992 – 2011 working in various gyms including the Lake Norman (Charlotte, NC) YMCA as well as in my home gym and clients’ homes. My training included creation of programs directed toward a variety of client limitations including various health issues: diabetes, heart disease, pre and post pregnancy, menopause, surgery rehab, cancer and amputation. Throughout my career as a trainer, I retained 96% of my personal training client base. I was also a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor from 2001 – 2011 working at the same locations listed above. My training and teaching years created some of my fondest memories. I formed wonderful relationships with my clients and those taking my classes and feel very privileged to have had those experiences and friendships.

My sports background includes softball, basketball, track and gymnastics from middle school through college. I competed in these sports as well as coaching girls basketball and as a Certified gymnastics coach from 1997 – 2000. I thoroughly enjoyed both competing and coaching and enjoy revisiting such great moments.

I am a Consultant with Juice Plus which is a health, fitness and wellness company. I have been with Juice Plus since 2004 and have gained a great deal of knowledge in nutrition and wellness. This has helped me share healthy solutions and options with those seeking to improve their health and lifestyle.

My husband, Tom, and I love water and beach sports – boating, skiing, frisbee, bocce ball, paddle board (not SUP) bike riding and long walks. We have lived in Florida (both coasts) Sydney and the Gold Coast, Australia, Charlotte, Cary and Burlington NC and have called Charleston our home since 2012. Our daughter and her husband live in CT and our son and his fiancé live in Manhatten, NY. We love traveling, music of all types – we’re parrot heads, enjoy the symphony and everything in between and absolutely love cooking. I’ve recently become quite involved in social media so please like me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Contact info:
Roxie Perregaux
Instagram: Roxie Perregaux
Twitter: roxieper19