Full Moon Celebration at Backwoods Farms

Saturday, June 15th, 2pm – Sunday, June 16th, Noon

Looking to get in tune with nature? Slow down?  Go inward?

Join us. Backwoods Farm is 70 acres set apart within the Francis Marion Forest just 45 minutes North of Mt. Pleasant.

Experience full moon sacred ceremonies inside a giant teepee. Moongaze through a Skywave Observatory. Tour the onsite Aquaponic Garden. Overnight Camping Optional.

Suggested Donation to benefit bliss Spiritual Co-op is just $77. ***SPACE LIMITED TO 25 PARTICIPANTS AND ADVANCE TICKET IS REQUIRED ***

Please go online to blissspiritualco-op.org HOME Page, FUNraiser ticket button to purchase tickets with Paypal or at bliss with cash, check or square. Thank-you for your support!

Schedule of Events (overnight camping optional) 

Saturday 2pm Check-in; Decompress from life as usual

2-4pm Free time

Set up camp

Tour the Aquaponics gardens with Beth & Dave Howard

4pm Opening Ceremony inside the Teepee

Serene Celestial Sound Session with a set of seven quartz crystal bowls, each one tuned to the frequency of the seven main chakras and a quartzophone harp that encourages a sense of mental serenity and restful bodily state.

Facilitator: Linda LeShay

Sage & Palo Santo Smudging Blessing followed by Sopla, a strong protective blessing using the grandfather Tobacco, Mapacho from Peru.

Facilitator: Tina Lambert

5-7pm Moonology

Discover how to manage your energy field during the moon’s cycle and explore the moon as one of our cosmic guides providing the right energy to manifest, heal our shadow side, let go of the past, and more…

Facilitator: Dr. Wendy Perrell

7-8pm Refresh with treats from our Nature’s Banquet table

8-9:30pm Astrological/Astronomical Open Q&A Session

Alexander will be your Sky Guide to explore your own Inner and Outer Universe through the mirror of Astrology and its cosmic weave with Astronomy while preparing you to view the night sky at the Backwood’s Farm onsite Skywave Observatory! The same powerful telescope used by most universities.

Facilitator: Alexander Mallon

10pm-Midnight Gather at the campfire for stories, music and fellowship while you wait your turn to Moongaze from the Skywave Observatory. On this nearly Full-Moon evening we’ll see a beautiful tight sunset conjunction of Mars and Mercury, while Moon/Jupiter rise! Later on at 10pm, the ringed planet Saturn rises next to Pluto!!

Sunday 8-9:30am Free time

Tour the Aquaponics gardens with Beth & Dave Howard

Enjoy healthy breakfast options at our Nature’s Banquet table

9:30-11am Restorative Yin Yoga Stretch

Move beyond the muscular system and work on stretching and stimulating the fascia or connective tissue with 3 to 5 minute pose holds that help to access the meridians or energy channels of the body.

Facilitator: Marc Barrie

11am Break-down camp

Noon Check Out; Resurface to life as usual with renewed perspective


Beth & Dave Howard, Backwoods Farm www.backwoodsaquaponics.com



Tish Voit, bliss Spiritual Co-op, www.blissspiritualco-op.org, tish@blissspiritualco-op.org


Dr. Wendy Perrell, Contemporary Shaman, Soul Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher, www.drwendyempowers.com

Linda Leshay, Singing Bowl Artist, linda.leshay@gmail.com

Alexander Mallon, Noetic Astrology – Consulting and Coaching, www.astrologyspirit.com

Tina Lambert, Smudge Blessing Celebrant, tinacharleston@gmail.com



Marc Barrie, Yin Yogi, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, marc.barrie@gmail.com