Full MOON Celebration w/ Singing Bowls, Crystal Harp & Labyrinth Walk w/ Linda LeShay

7-8:30pm, Tuesday February 19th in the bliss backyard around the Labyrinth.

Each full moon offers an opportunity to physically, mentally and spiritually renew and review our aspirations, and strengthen our intentions to further the manifestations of our individual Divine Plan.

This February full moon is the SNOW MOON which set the intention to gather our past gains and prepare to enjoy them in the coming Spring—Let Go and Spring Forward!!

This full moon also comes with a lunar eclipse. Although the eclipse will not be visible in our time zone, the spiritual effects will still be felt. For instance, your incoming spiritual messages may be extra strong. It will be an excellent cleansing time for growth as negativity will easily fall away. As negativity evaporates, new journeys are inspired to sprout and flourish.
For this celebration, we will gather by the labyrinth to enjoy the full moon light, serene crystal vibrational sounds, and an opportunity to walk the labyrinth, which is helpful in anchoring inner peace and harmony.

Seating is available but bring your own chair if you prefer. The full moon combined with the crystal tones is useful in cleansing crystals, so bring your personal crystals for a monthly cleansing if you like.

Facilitator: Linda LeShay

I am very thankful to have discovered my soul purpose at age 16. Working closely with my spiritual teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, over many decades, I have helped hundreds of people overcome stress, get grounded in self-knowledge, and enjoy a life of peace, fulfillment, and joy through the easy practice of Transcendental Meditation.

In recent years, I experienced the amazing effects of quartz crystal vibrational sounds on the mind and body. Quartz Crystal is an excellent conductor of frequency, so the various crystal instruments I use, allow the clear vibrations to reach into the cellular level of the physiology to reduce and eliminate neurological “static”. The result is that a deep state of relaxation is achieved. Relaxation is how the mind and body become integrated, and work in harmony to allow the natural tendency or innate ability of the body to heal. People experience healing in many ways. Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, just about everyone remarks on how physically relaxed and mentally re-balanced they feel after a few minutes of listening to the soothing quartz crystal tones. I am passionate about sharing the profound benefits of this neuro-physiologic integrational technology with others.
I offer individual and group sessions using 7 quartz crystal singing bowls, and a Quartzophone, or quartz crystal harp. Sessions are 30-60 minutes and focus on individual intentions and needs.

I also offer individual or group Cacao Peace Power Hour Ceremonies. In these sessions we experience the heart expanding qualities of 100% organic ceremonial grade cacao, followed by a collective focus on peace while enjoying 20 minutes of the quartz crystal bowls and harp.

Contact me at linda.leshay@gmail.com or 843-345-5936 for additional information or to arrange a private session.