Grief Support; Getting Back Into Life After Loss w/ Kat Smith

10-11:30am the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month in the KNOWING room.

Though death is a known part of the cycle of life, we are rarely prepared for the effects it has on us. When a loved one dies, it impacts us tremendously. We shared LIFE, breath, happiness, sadness, memories, dreams for the future, with this one -now they are gone. This group is about how to recover from this loss. How we can process it all, how to understand, how we can proceed without them. How to navigate the new climate we feel from their departure, and how to find our ‘footing’. You are not alone. I too have felt a great loss. My husband of 35 yrs died very suddenly of a massive blood clot to the heart. He was literally here one minute and gone the next. And my world fell apart. It was very unexpected and very permanent, and in that blink of an eye – the life I knew changed forever.
My name is Kat Smith, I am a Spiritual Health Coach, and together we will share our stories and talk about how to ‘process’ and how to move forward, and Get Back Into Life After Loss. In a very safe and confidential environment, we will meet for about 90 minutes, twice a month.

Facilitator: Kat Smith, ( Kat is short for Katherine ),, Kat is a former LPN practicing in the medical profession for most of her life. She began her quest for answers in 2000 -and what a journey it has been. She started attending lectures, retreats, workshops, clinics, and vision quests – She was hungry to learn all she could. She knew there just had to be more. She had so many questions. And was amazed to find there was so much more to life that we don’t know -or allow in -from Spirit. As she learned she began to work on being certified …..Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practioner, Prayer Chaplin, Ordained Minister, Meditation Teacher, Akashic Records Consultant, Psychic Medium. Layers and layers of understanding.

Today she practices as a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. She loves sharing the information she is given from Spirit as well as Healing Touch with people as requested. (She has some miracle stories to tell -truly unbelievable). We are all on this journey together, trying to find our way thru this life, we can help each other to understand the answers we seek. She hopes you will join her and looks forward to meeting you!