Introduction to Caroline Myss’ Survival Family Archetypes & Charting w/ Cathy Lebeaux

Saturday, November 3rd, 10:30am-Noon in the CONNECTING room.

Learn about Caroline Myss’ Survival Family Archetypes as identified in her book, Sacred Contracts. Understand the role and power of these archetypes which include the Victim, Saboteur, Prostitute, and Child. Understand the 12 houses of astrology and how the archetypes and those houses interact. Which house does your Victim most influence? Is it your house of ego/identity, what you value most, communication, family, creativity and joy, career and daily life, key relationships, what other people have, spirituality, highest potential, connection to soul and global communities, or the Great Mystery?

Victim, Saboteur, Prostitute, Child

We all know what these are. Our definition may be slightly different, but these are Archetypes, a pattern or expression of power well-known and recognizable.

Every archetype is a neutral guide that allows us to look at ourselves and identify areas where we are in the negative or Shadow side (a term identified by Carl Jung), or the light or positive aspect of this archetypal pattern.

The Saboteur teaches us the lessons of self-esteem and choice. Can we overcome the obstacles and barriers in our lives and feel better and more empowered because we choose to challenge ourselves? The Saboteur is all about how we think and the choices we make. Do they empower us and increase or self-esteem or not? Anxiety is often associated with this archetype.

The Victim identifies the areas in our life where we feel powerful and authentic and where we feel disempowered or helpless. It teaches us that we are much more powerful than we know. In the Shadow, depression, dependency, and substance abuse are often identified with this archetype. In the light, it is a call to action. An opportunity to feel compassion and empathy for others.

We all have the Victim archetype. Collectively, when enough people move from the Shadow into the light (or vica versa), change on a large scale can happen. For example, #MeToo

The Prostitute is about self-worth and how much we value ourselves. What’s worth our integrity? What’s our price, friendship, keeping a job? The Prostitute is an archetype about passion and feelings. What are we drawn to, called to do, and do we have the strength to go for that dream?

There are 6 forms of the Child Archetype. We all have one primary form that teaches us the lessons of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency required for adulthood. The lessons of the Child are about the balance between dependence and independence.

In this workshop, understand Myss’ approach to doing a natal chart of your core 12 archetypes, which is a guide to your lifelong patterns and the lessons you are meant to learn. I will show you how to determine which house your Victim, Saboteur, and Prostitute fall into. Please note that while Myss uses the astrology houses, astrology is not part of this workshop or her approach.

Please bring a journal or something to write in.

Facilitator: Cathy Lebeaux, MA, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, is a licensed professional counselor with 26 years of experience. She works from an integrative approach, mind, body, and soul. She offers talk therapy, expressive art therapies, as well as archetypal charting and consultation. She is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist as well as a Certified Archetype Consultant for Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts. She has a private practice in Mt. Pleasant, the Psychotherapy & Expressive Arts Center, LLC, and can be reached at:

603-852-2009, Text only