Introduction to Christian Mysticism w/ Andrew Shykofsky

11am-noon, weekly on Monday in the CONNECTING room.

Christian Mysticism is an approach to spirituality which honors the Christian story of Jesus as Messiah, his teachings, his crucifixion and his resurrection. Contained within the story is a roadmap to enlightenment. In other words, having the secret wisdom in the Gospels unlocked through meditation and contemplation reveals The Way to God Realization.

Ultimately, the mystical path is an exploration of love at the highest level. Jesus taught that we are to love all souls. We all acknowledge how hard that can be however it is possible. We simply need to be shown The Way!

All great mystics regardless of their faith (Christian, Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist etc) teach that enlightenment is a result of realizing the Presence of the Self that exists within every soul. In this series of classes, mystical concepts and teachings will be provided including; the mystical interpretation on the Trinity, using meditation to discover the inner Christ, prayer and contemplation of Jesus’ teachings to facilitate lasting transformation.

February 2019 topics:

Mon Feb. 4: How to Forgive (Really) Difficult People. A step by step approach

Mon. Feb. 11: Love and Free Will – How we often interfere with our ‘good intentions’

Mon Feb. 18: The Purpose of Life (a Mystical Perspective)

Mon Feb. 25: Mystical Baptism; why it’s crucial to deep transformation

Please note, these topics are subject to change and evolve based on how our sessions progress!

Facilitator:  Andrew Shykofsky began his spiritual journey in high school seeking out instruction on meditation. Over the next 35 years, he has made it his quest to find truth and love through spiritual seeking. After 20 years of trying many avenues, he found a Christian Mystery School operating in Oakland, CA in 2004. Since that time, Andrew has been a dedicated follower of Christ in the mystical tradition.

In 2013, nine years after beginning the path of Christian Mysticism, Andrew was ordained a Priest by two Priests in the organization known as The Holy Order of MANS. He began offering classes, services and spiritual initiations while residing in Chicago through an organization he founded called The Mystical Church of Christ.

In 2018, after several years of additional in depth personal instruction from Master Teachers, Andrew was ordained a Master Teacher by Master Mara Sophia (CH.T, Ph.D) from the Center for Gnostic Wisdom in Milwaukee. He operates the Charleston Mystical Church of Christ. Andrew is available in Charleston for teaching and counseling those drawn to mystical Christianity.