Kundalini Yoga w/ Fred Raj Atma Singh Martin

6-6:50pm weekly Thursday beginning September 5th in the FEELING room.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Yogi Bhajan brought this from India in 1968. The technology of kundalini yoga is for all of us. These classes help us build and connect to our inner self and the strength we all have within us.
Through this practice we will work on opening ourselves to the flow and raising our energy. These classes are open to all levels and experience. This is a safe place for all beings. We will use our breath (pranayama), our bodies (postures), our voices (mantra), our mind (mental focus), and spirit to elevate our consciousness.

Facilitator: Fred “Raj Atma Singh” Martin, fredhome3@gmail.com

I started my yoga practice as a way to get exercise when I had injured my back, and couldn’t do things like basketball or running. This evolved on a journey from vinyasa/Hatha to Bikram yoga. But for me I wanted a more spiritual component in my practice. I finally paid attention to something a friend had apparently been telling me for a year, and went to a new studio. There I found mantra and jivamukti yoga. I also was introduced to kundalini yoga led by the amazing Alex Seaman. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was now on a wonderful new journey. This eventually lead me to go take my teacher training with Keval Kaur in Durham N.C. I finished that in 2018, having started it wanting to deepen my practice and coming out wanting to share the gift.