Loving Kindness Meditation for Challenging Times w/ Suzanne Freed

10:30-11:45am, Monday September 16th in the KNOWING room.

We all have an inner critic or choir of critical voices, that is incessantly judging others and ourselves. Our judging mind keeps us separated from others and from our Highest Self. Learning the Loving Kindness meditation, or metta meditation, can diminish the hold this endless chatter has on us, creating space for compassion towards all, including ourselves.

This 75 minute workshop will introduce you to the various ways this meditation can be practiced and give you tool that reduces reactivity, replacing it with the mindful intention of sending peace to all; it can be done while driving, while waiting in long lines, or sitting on hold forever with your Internet provider’s customer service. The options are endless for where and when to practice metta!

Facilitator: Suzanne Freed is a retired MFT, licensed in California, who specialized in grief and loss. She is a solo performance artist and famous in- her- mind- only, stand up /sit down comic. She has taught Ethics and Consciousness/Ethics and the Law, and Interpersonal Communications classes. She has been teaching meditation and mindful living since she was 6 years old. Okay that last sentence is not true.
You may reach her at envelopesofgod@gmail.com