*NOW 2 Mark Nepo Studies/Month with Nancy Sienknecht

Join a drop-in book study the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month 7-8:30pm in the KNOWING room that honors Mark Nepo, a gentle, humble, brilliant sage devoted to sharing a lifetime of wisdom rooted in personal suffering.  Author of  Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What Is Sacred, and The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have, a New York Times bestseller, he offers hope and light to anyone seeking guidance. Join us the 2nd Tuesday for the LISTENING group study and the 4th Tuesday for the AWAKENING study. Your presence and sharing are most welcome at one or both studies.

Deeply heart-centered, Nepo provides insights into self-exploration and tools to enable us to cope and resonate with daily life tools that can transform our vision, awaken our sensitivity, and enliven our hearts. A cancer-survivor, he has endured wrenching pain, terror, and confusion, yet Phoenix-like, has risen from near-death and shows us how to survive spiritually and psychologically. He has learned that to unlock the challenges of daily life, we need the keys of attention, risk, and compassion, and that deep listening is the WAY to launch ourselves into wonder, into the magnificence of being human.

By means of simple, easy to understand prose, he shows us how to awaken to our own mystery, how to love ourselves and others, and how to commune with the world, which, in his vision, is waiting to share its magic and vitality. Let us celebrate and explore creations of this astute, refined, courageous paragon, so that we may follow his footsteps into an awakened state, for which, surely, we all long.  A Mark Nepo group will add exciting new dimension and profundity to our community.

Parker Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak and The Courage to Teach, highly recommends the book:

“Mark Nepo is one of the finest spiritual guides of our time, and The Book of Awakening is one of the finest fruits of his spirit. His poetic gift shows through on every page, and his own courageous journey from near-death to new life breathes truth into every word he writes. This book is a gift of love. Open the gift — and open yourself to it — and you, like I, will be filled with gratitude and graced with renewal.”

Facilitator: Nancy Sienknecht is a life-long student of the worlds literary, psychological and spiritual traditions. Having earned her BA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, she received her MA in English from the University of Memphis. As president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Chattanooga for six years, she selected and presented speakers from a variety of disciplines and monitored audiences interactions with them.

Here in Charleston, she commits to daily meditation and healing practices and is a board member of the Carl Jung Society. For many years, love of poetry inspired a consuming hobby to collect 12 albums of poems from different cultures, to copy them in calligraphic handwriting, and to pair them with prints of famous works of art. Her continuous search for meaning led her to study wisdom traditions ancient and modern and to participate in spiritual groups most of her life.

These two passions for poetry and for wisdom merge in her appreciation of Mark Nepo’s poetic prose. Having studied sages past and present, Nancy has collected many albums of profound poetry; yet, to her mind, wisdom is most accessible through the words of Mark Nepo.  She hopes studying his brilliance will entice bliss Participants to explore the depths of their own nature and to share their insights with the group.

Seven Thousand Ways to Listen