Mediumship: Applying Your Skills w/ Heather Baity

7-8:30pm, monthly the 1st Wednesday upstairs in the GATHERING room.

The purpose of this group is to allow everyone the opportunity to develop their Mediumship reading skills at their own pace. In order to promote an environment which enhances and encourages these skills, readings will be done in both small and large group settings. There will also be a small amount of time for sharing and support set aside to assist anyone who may have any questions or answers for the group as it pertains to Mediumship. It is the hope that this class will allow participants to elevate their communication skills with Spirit so that messages received may bring clarity, peace, validity, and comfort.

Additional Experiences in Mediumship:

  • Mediumship Basics, 6-7pm, monthly the 1st Wednesday upstairs in the GATHERING room.
  • All welcome to join a group meeting after the monthly class at a local restaurant for further discussion and fellowship.
  • Mid month meeting at the Daniel Island Starbucks for an open forum discussion of all things Mediumship related. (check calendar for more information)

Facilitator: Heather Baity,

Heather first discovered her connection to Spirit during her childhood years when she showed the ability of claircognizance, which is clear knowing. Through the years, she showed signs of other intuitive abilities. These sensitivities to Spirit accompanied with paranormal events, telepathic episodes, and visitation dreams became common occurrences. After having several family members pass to the other side, she observed a surge in her abilities; along with an increase in paranormal incidents. Heather continued with years of self study and has also taken formal Mediumship classes.
Heather is considered an evidential Medium, which is one who can validate specific details about those
who have crossed over.