Monthly Starseeds Unite Gathering w/ Maria Fink

7-8:30pm, 2nd Monday upstairs in the GATHERING room.

A Starseed is any person who is aware that we are multidimensional beings and who understands we live multiple lives, in different dimensions, on this planet and on other planets or stars, in this universe or other universes. Starseeds understand that they came to Earth to fulfill a mission in this transitioning time of ascension. This class is for anyone interested in finding out more about Starseeds, different alien races and the dimensions we reside in, galactic contact and command, light language, light codes and how we can serve Earth at this time.

Our purpose is to create a community where Starseeds can talk openly, find support and share experiences among peers without fear of judgment. We are more powerful when we work together as high frequency beings of light so the shift towards unity and love consciousness can take place more rapidly.

Facilitator: Maria Fink is a blue ray feline Sirian starseed that uses her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others: people, animals and/or plants. Her favourite healing method is ThetaHealing Technique. After years of trying different methods to improve her life, she discovered this simple and effective energy-technique and noticed that it brought immediate changes to her life.

Born in Romania, Maria lived most of her life in a communist or post communist developing country and believes that has helped her be more compassionate and understanding of other’s emotions and hardships. Her favorite method to connect to her galactic family is through meditation or vibrational sound channeling.