Beginner Belly Dancing w/ Karen Inella

6-7pm Every 1st & 3rd Monday in the FEELING room.

Beginner Belly Dancing; embrace the beauty of your unique shape, have fun and meet other adventurous women who aren’t afraid to let it roll.

Wear comfortable yoga attire.  We have hip shawls to share.

Facilitator: Karen Inella,

Shakti Selene Shakti started belly dancing at the local YMCA in the South side of Chicago at 16 yrs old. Her teacher was Jasmine who was a muse of Eddie Kocheck. When she turned 18 she drove to her studio and studied Egyptian Cabaret.
Performances were made in the Chicago Art Institute where she attended college. She performed at private parties in Chicago Phoenix and Denver. She taught her skills wherever she danced.

Her textile business led her to Turkey. Shakti fell in love with Istanbul. She eventually had a house and a dance studio close to the Blue Mosque. Her contacts led to many teaching opportunities, performances and development of
a belly dance certification program from Istanbul Dreams. Through them she danced at corporate events, restaurants and taught different styles of belly dance.

Orient house Istanbul
Hilton Nile. Cairo Egypt
Nile. Cruise ship On the Nile.
Riads In Marrekesh Morocco.
Singapore. Taught a Tribal fusion seminar with hafla
Samras Middle Eastern Dance event
Aegean Odessy Cruise Ship in the Greek islands. Eilot Israel
Evening local entertainment.

Camel contracts
Cafe Paradiso
Taste of India

Dance companies
Ancient Echoes Bellydance
Charleston Hula dancers
Allegro dance company
Charleston Black Sea dancers
Founding member of Palmetto Oasis

Habibi. Dance studio Mount Pleasant
Now in North. Charleston
Creative Spark Mt P
Bliss Spiritual co op
Summerville YMCA

Moon over Morocco 13 years

Styles of dance
Turkish Caberet
Roman Havarsi Skirt
American Tribal
Fusion styles
Roman Havarsi
Proficient in Veil,  Zil, Tambourine, Egyptian Wings, Silk and Feather Fans, Cane and Sticks.

She has spent her whole life making Belly dance her number 1 passion.

Her most important turning point was when a director. Of the Orient house said. “If I can’t feel that you are feeling the song. I will cut your music “ That changed my approach to teaching and performing.

Added interests
Celebrity chef
Specializing in Vegan Indian Food
Tarot reader