Sacred Self Love Ceremony w/ Rocky Cohen

7-8:30pm, Tuesday September 17th upstairs in the BEING room.

Through ceremony, we put intention in motion. This opens up a door into the invisible realms where the “as within” meets the “as without,” creating a resonant energy that leads to change. Ceremony creates a relationship between humans and the creative forces of the universe where intention leads to an action that manifests as change in the physical world.

Come honor, call in a desired outcome, and release energies/ states of consciousness that no longer serve you or your community.

Bring any items special to you, along with any rhythm Instruments/Crystals/Oracle Cards if you wish. You will be provided with pen and paper to write on.
let’s Intend love and set it in motion together.

Facilitator: Rocky Cohen

Healer, Birth Worker, Journeying Shaman, spirit
Hello my name is Rocky, I am on a Journey of healing, love and light. I know that the way to light and love for all is through Self and intention. I’m experienced in meditation, Emotional freedom, and spirit guiding. I believe that the soul thrives in a community, a community that honors the self. Freedom, dance, song, love, heart, empathy.
I believe in Self love, Self understanding, Self forgiveness, Self honor and connection to The Greater Spirit through self.
I spent half this year in Oregon creating a space of love and light nurturing and rebirthing my soul. I’ve returned to the East to Dive even deeper into my soul, to polish and reveal the sparkling treasures inside and shine them out out out.
I Hope to See You, And Meet You Right Where You Are.

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