*SAVE THE DATE* Marianne Williamson is coming to bliss!

9:30-11:30am, Wednesday, March 27th, Backyard Performance Stage

Thankfully, Spring has sprung in the Low Country. Please plan to join us in the bliss Backyard as we welcome and host internationally acclaimed lecturer, author and activist, Marianne Williamson, who announced that she was a Democratic presidential candidate to South Carolinians in February.

Marianne will begin her time with us with a talk followed by an open & respectful Q&A session and Meet & Greet.

All welcome. Parking is limited. Shuttle service will be available beginning at 8:30am for overflow parking from the Wando Crossing parking lot near the entrance to the now closed Dollar Store.

Light refreshments will be served.

Volunteers are needed.  Please contact Katie Mundy, kathryn.c.mundy@gmail.com if you are interested to help.

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Marianne has been one of America’s most well-known public voices for more than three decades. Several of her twelve published books have been New York Times best sellers. Her latest book, “The Politics of Love, a Handbook for a New American Revolution” is scheduled for April publication. Her State Director, Gloria Bromell Tinubu, is personally inviting you to celebrate Women’s History Month with Marianne during her visit to South Carolina March 23-29.

In celebration of the contributions of women, Marianne received an award from the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica Commission on the Status of Women, and the Organization of Women, on March 11. In accepting the award, Marianne said, “Now that women have the full right to express ourselves, our next step is to give ourselves the emotional and psychological permission to say what is most truly in our hearts to say. The question most pressing now is not how to get power; the question most pressing now is what to do with the power we have. My hope is that all of us use our power on behalf of those who have none at all.” To help women use their power on behalf of others, Marianne founded The Sister Giant Conferences in 2010 (see www.sistergiant.com) to empower women to run for political office and she, herself, ran for Congress in 2014 in California.

In calling for an evolution of our politics, Marianne says, “Where fear has been harnessed for political purposes, let’s now harness the power of love.” Marianne goes on to say, “There is a groundswell of people in America who are seeking higher wisdom. We are rich and poor, progressive and conservative, young and old. And what we share at this moment is this deep concern – concern about the direction in which our country is headed, the assault on our democratic foundations, and the erosion of our human values.”

We hope you will join us!