Serene Celestial Sound Sessions w/ Linda Leshay

7:15-8:15pm, Monthly on the 1st Monday of each month in the FEELING room.

Enjoy an evening of Serene celestial sounds with the quartz crystal singing bowls and quartzophone (harp).

These quartz crystal instruments are useful in producing profound levels of relaxation. Relaxation, the peace created when the mind and body settle together to quieter levels, is how the body naturally reorganizes itself. This natural pattern of the physiology is how we correct inner turmoil, or disease. The very calming sounds produced by the instruments helps to dissipate static or unease in the mind and body, allowing the integration of the mind and body to become a reality, even as we go about our daily routines. We are very fortunate to have this modality available to produce a natural process of healing, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual.

Each session Linda will use a set of seven quartz crystal bowls, each one tuned to the frequency of the seven main chakras. Listening to the tones encourages the chakras to realign if there has been some imbalance. The crystal harp enables chakras to recalibrate, but also creates a sense of mental serenity which allows the body to more quickly settle to a restful state. Again, this profound integration of mind and body is the basis for healing on all levels. Each month we will place extra attention on one particular chakra, as well as balancing all the others. Since our intention also plays a role in healing, if we focus on an issue associated with a particular chakra while listening to the healing tones, the possibility of resolving the issue is enhanced.

Facilitator: For more information regarding the use of quartz crystal healing sessions, please contact Linda LeShay at 843-345-5936 or