Sundara Sono-Pressure Facial w/ Linda Leshay

10:30am-Noon, weekly each Wednesday

A 15 minute mini Sundara Sono-pressure treatment will be offered at our weekly Drop-in Facial Clinic.

A Sundara Sono-pressure facial is a non-invasion procedure using the soothing vibrations produced by the natural tones of tuning forks. It combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure with the healing vibrational sounds that resonate with the meridians, or energy pathways in the body.

Sundara is a Sanskrit word meaning beauty, and the purpose of this vibration sound therapy is to subtly bring the various acupressure facial points into relaxation. The facial acupressure points are connected to various organs, and chakras which gives the body an overall balancing.

The tuning forks are placed gently on the different points, while the vibration is passed through an amethyst gemstone which enhances the effectiveness of the sound.
The overall effect is facial relaxation, reduction of puffiness around the eyes and chin, and in some instances, reduced appearance of fine lines.

Facilitator: Linda LeShay