The Power of Intention Circle w/ Joanna Rose

7-8:30pm, 1st & 2nd Thursday of each month upstairs in the GATHERING room.

Each week, Joanna picks a different topic that focuses on the subject of the power of intention. What affects our ability to take action and co-create what it is we say we want? How does group intention assist us in our ability to manifest and receive what we desire?

Harness the Collective Energy and Healing Power of Group Intention: A Power of Intention Circle is a gathering of people for the purpose of harnessing group energy and thought and focusing that energy on a desired outcome in order to manifest a specific result.

The purpose of this group is to practice becoming expert intention setters by:
1) Believing in and developing our own power of intention skills
2) Learning how to focus our thoughts more intensely on one single desire
3) Quieting our minds so we can focus and concentrate
4) Connecting with the object of our intention
5) Visualizing and mentally rehearsing the outcome
6) Learning to let go and letting the universe take over
7) Trusting in the process

There is no greater energetic power than the power of your own thoughts. What you send out to the universe via your thoughts and beliefs comes back to you magnified. Learn to create major brain wave changes that help you gain greater clarity and healing in your own life as well as in the lives of others. Experience the exhilaration and joy of what it feels like to be a witness to the increased well-being and healing of others as well as the world at large.

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Facilitator: Joanna Rose is a certified relationship coach and life coach, who was trained in Los Angeles by Katherine Woodward Thomas, best-selling author of “Calling in The One” and “Conscious Uncoupling”.
Joanna received her first two coaching certifications for “49 Days to Love” (based on the book “Calling in The One”) and “Conscious Uncoupling”. She has studied and attended retreats on the healing arts with leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Teal Swan and Marianne Williamson as well as others who are on the cutting edge in the field of emotional health and healing. She has facilitated classes at Bliss in the past in the area of personal development and growth on topics associated with her coaching work and is a devotee of the daily spiritual practices outlined in the workbook “A Course in Miracles”.
Joanna is also the author of “Cheerful the Angry Chicken” (available on Amazon), and a dedicated supporter of youth empowerment programs. She works as a volunteer with Reading Partners and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charleston and uses her book as a learning tool when teaching elementary school children how to manage difficult emotions.
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