Total Body Scanning w/ Bernie Beasley

10:30am-Noon, Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday in the FEELING room.

This class describes how Total Body Scanning using the AO Scanner can improve health and happiness. It scans your body’s energetic frequency or vibration, then measures and determines which frequencies, in which organs, etc., are out of sync with your body. Once this process is completed, the module utilizes subtle waves of energy to create a corrective frequency pattern to introduce into your brain. Your brain does the rest. This new frequency is used by the brain in an effort to counteract and bring the negative frequency back into sync; thus restoring the body to its optimal energetic vibration, and your body to its optimal state of health. The results can be truly amazing!


Facilitator: Bernie Beasley,

My career began as a mechanical engineer in a Union Carbide chemical plant. A progression of jobs that followed include sales, management, CFO and more recently a partner in an insurance agency. Over a fifty-year period, a sideline passion has been gaining an understanding of the root causes of sickness and disease as well as lack of real happiness. This journey lead me to read and gain key principles that will help people restore health and happiness. One key principle that has driven me the most is the understanding that we are a three-part being; one part physical and two parts an energy field. I believe the world has focused on the physical (very important) but have ignored the energetic spirit and soul. Health and Wellness starts in our energetic being and manifests or doesn’t manifest in health and happiness.

The key principles I have learned lead me to a science-based device that utilizes the laws of energy and frequency to measure the health and wellness. The Bio-Resonance scanner measures the status of thousands of body components and presents us with easily understood data that can guide us back to health and happiness. A Total Life Scan using the AO Scanner is a non-invasive technique that gives more accurate results than blood tests, x-rays, Cat Scans and MRI’s. The AO Scanner determines the causes of body systems not operating at optimum health and uses frequency optimization to move them back towards a healthy state. I personally believe many of the significant health issues in my life may have been avoided using this technology.

1965 – 1970 BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University

1970 – 1975 Engineering and Sales with Union Carbide in Texas, Georgia and Florida
1975 – 1985 Sales, Sales Management, Product Management with Westvaco Corp.
1985 – 1998 Managed Chemical Business with sales of $150 million with MeadWestvaco Corp.
1998 – 2002 CFO of MeadWestvaco Chemical Division in Charleston, SC
2002 – Present CEO of SeniorCareUSA, a Long Term Care Insurance Business in Charleston, SC.
2019 – Present Founder of Big Picture Health Education, a Bio-Resonance scanning business.