Understanding Hindu Spirituality & Kirtan w/ Sunita Hira

7-8:30pm Tuesday, August 7th and continuing the 1st Tuesday of each month in the CONNECTING room.

Here’s an extract of Sunita’s August talk and Kirtan. She is looking forward to sharing her love and understanding of Krishna with you.

Krishna was born on 20 July, 3228 years before Christ. The year was Srimukha, month, Sravan, and day was Ashtami. It was 3.00 am after midnight. God incarnated as Krishna to charm humanity by His pranks, His play, His song and sweetness, and to show man the path of love and how to live in love. Krishna was born on ashtami (eighth day) during the dark fortnight of the month. The effulgence of the Lord is seen with greater effect when it is dark. In a world of disorder, Krishna was born to establish order. Ashtami is associated with troubles and difficulties. When do troubles arise? When righteousness is forgotten. Krishna’s advent signifies the dispelling of darkness, the removal of troubles, the banishing of ignorance and the teaching of mankind of the supreme wisdom.

In no Avatar devotees have merged in the Divine Love to such a great extent as in Krishna Avatar. Thousands of devotees have merged in Sri Krishna during His Avatar. Hence, if you want to merge in divinity, devotional singing is the only means. God is said to be ganapriya (pleased by devotional singing). Krishnavatar is the best example for this statement. One simple name ?Krishna’ sung by a devotee is enough to move Him. The leelas, mahimas and the miraculous deeds performed by Lord Krishna during His Avatar are unparalleled.

Krishna is referred to as “chora” (thief). What does He steal? He steals the butter-like hearts of the Gopis, hearts which are pure, soft and sweet. If you address someone as chora (thief), he will be annoyed. But if you call Krishna as “chiththa chora” (stealer of the heart), He will enjoy this appellation. That is why, devotees sing in praise of the Lord most endearingly “Chiththa chora Yashoda Ke Bal! Navaneetha chora Gopal! Gopal, Gopal, Gopal! Govardhanadhara Gopal!” (“Oh! Yashoda’s little Krishna! Oh! Gopala! Stealer of butter! Oh! Gopala! Lifter of the Govardhana mountain!”)