Understanding Hindu Spirituality; Meaning of Krishna w/ Sunita Hira

7-8:30pm, Wednesday, July 11th in the CONNECTING room.

The word Krishna has three meanings. First meaning is: “Krishyati iti Krishnah”, or “the one who cultivates is Krishna.” Krishna cultivates our hearts by removing the weeds of bad qualities, watering it with love, ploughing it with sadhana, and sowing the seeds of devotion.
The second meaning of the word is: “Karshati iti Krishnah”, or “the one who attracts is Krishna.” Krishna attracts by His enchanting Divine form, His nectarine speech, His divine sports, and by action saturated with love. By His sweet words, He softens and calms the hearts of even those filled with hatred and makes them rejoice.
A third meaning of the word Krishna is “Kushyati iti Krishna”, or “the one who is always blissful.” Krishna was always in a state of bliss and bestows bliss on His devotees.
Due to these attributes, the sage Garga named Him Krishna. The ordinary meaning of the word Krishna is “one who is dark.” But people think only of this meaning and forget the deeper and truer meanings of the Lord’s name.

Hope to see you all!

Facilitator: Sunita Hira, BA History in New Delhi, Teacher, Spiritual Scholar, Entrepreneur, Chef, Creator of Bliss Herbal Teas and Natural Energy Drinks, Owner of The Serenity Center of Summerville. Visit the Discover tab to learn more or contact Sunita at sunitahira@gmail.com.