Unleash your body’s Potential w/ Nelly Strelnikova

7-8:30pm, each 2nd & 3rd Tuesday beginning in March in the CONNECTING room.

In this workshop Nelly will share some of the principles she shares with her private coaching clients like how to let go of guilt, shame and perfection desires when it comes to your body image. She will share how to make a simple mindset shift to go from a stressful and highly demanding lifestyle to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She helps independent and driven women go from overworked/overwhelmed to recharged and on track. She also helps them release their deepest fears and unlock their most wanted desires. She normally does it through her premium 9 week transformational program, but she will cover the principles of this change in her bliss workshops.

Facilitator: Nelly Strelnikova, nelly@nellystrelnikova.com

Nelly is a Holistic Health Coach that specializes in healing your body with your mind “Healthy body starts with a healthy mind”.  She went from working 3 jobs, not working out and eating Banquet meals, to a Healthy and balanced lifestyle, where she regularly works out and eats a plant based diet. She has helped others transition to a more healthier lifestyle by focusing on changing their mind first!