Volunteer Appreciation & Exploration Dinner

Drop-in 6:30-8:30pm, Friday September 27th, ALL Welcome

It is quite a challenge to pull off all this goodness everyday. In a healthy co-op EVERYONE gives what makes their heart sing for the benefit of the whole. Come celebrate your YES, enjoy dinner with us and explore many service opportunities where your help is greatly needed & appreciated. Love & Light! Tish

Feeling Very Grateful for your YES!
Thank you (and you know who you are) for…

Organizing systems so well
Sharing the journey
Balancing the budget
Rolling the trash & recycling bins to the curb
Facilitating a class
Making us stronger
Filling the house with music
Sharing healing energy
Being dependable since the beginning
Trimming the grass/bushes
Dropping a buck in the hospitality jar
Being the toilet paper fairy
Organizing aspects of FUNraising
Donating furniture, light fixtures, rugs and craft & kitchen supplies
Publishing an article
Making soup every week
Arriving early to set up for the Yard Sale
Sharing your wisdom
Being Handyman Extraordinaire
Making jewelry and art for the bliss Boutique
Advising/Proofing the 501c3 application
Frying fish
Expanding our minds
Volunteering for community outreach
Taking beautiful photos of our events
Giving a hug
Helping with hospitality
Donating materials/service for the labyrinth project
Coordinating the calendar/Meetup
Dream incubating with us
Attending a class
Washing & folding the linens
Saying “I Love You”
Sorting the donations
Serving at the soup kitchen
Being a sounding board
Competing in the chili cookoff
Cleaning the house
Having the courage to come the first time
Cooking for a crowd
Assembling the toiletry kits
Saturday art projects
Promoting your class
Picking up sticks in the yard
Designing a rack card
Sharing your truth
Establishing a data base
Planting and fertilizing the flowers
Unloading the dishwasher
Updating the website
Organizing & labeling the library
Dancing with gusto
Serving on the Board
Shared Aaaah…Haaaah moments
Subbing for a class
Sharing our Facebook posts
Asking how can I help at just the right time
Wallpapering the kitchen
Being Wonderful YOU
Putting the bliss sticker on your car
Donating auction items
Bringing a friend
Being a monthly supporter
Signing in without being reminded
Helping us grow
Unlocking the door, turning on the open sign, & being welcoming
Mailing thank-you notes
Tears & goosebumps
Staying after closing to help clean up and turn the lights out
and for being the friendly face of bliss!