Weekly Empowerment Coaching w/ Lorraine Pursell

7-8:30pm weekly each Tuesday upstairs in the GATHERING room.

Upcoming Class Topics include:

5/15 Finding Your Gifts and Living Your Purpose

5/22 Emotional Empowerment

5/29 Secrets to Feeling Confident

6/5 3 Keys to Self Love

6/12 Healing From Heartbreak

FIND YOUR GIFTS & DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: Where do you begin when you are not sure what your natural gifts are and what you are supposed to do in the world? We will explore the fundamentals of finding your gifts, what they really are, and then take that information to discover and excavate your actual Life’s Purpose. By the end of the class, you will feel more grounded and confident in who you are and your way of being, and begin to sense your Life’s Purpose and what that might mean- your dreamscape will being to open. After Finding Your Gifts and Discovering Your Purpose, our next phase is USING those gifts and LIVING your purpose. The tricky bit is that this takes visibility, opening ourselves to criticism, others’ opinions about what we do, and perhaps disapproval, all of which can be quite distressing- enough so to actually prevent us from stepping forward and Living Our Purpose. In this class we explore what it might take to actually give your gifts, in true authenticity, and living your Divine Purpose as if your life depends on it, because your fulfillment and happiness will ultimately only come from this place: You Giving Your Gifts to the World and Living Your Life’s Purpose.

EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT: Guilt, Shame, Blame, Sadness, Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Panic, Low Self-esteem, Doubt, Low Confidence, Over-giving & Mental Loops are what Lorraine calls “The Dirty Baker’s Dozen,” and are all emotions that can take us out of living our powerful life, which is your birthright. Imagine yourself being happy, uplifted, energized, fulfilled, authentic, loving, balanced, excited, untethered, hopeful, and in love with your life. Only when we step aside from The Dirty Dozen are we free to soar. This class gives you the understanding to let The Dirty Dozen go so you can live your authentic and fulfilled life.

SECRETS TO FEELING CONFIDENT AGAIN (or for the first time): Feeling confident has 3 main components to accomplishing- and they might not be what you think! In this class, Empowerment Coach, Lorraine Pursell, shares her journey from confidence so low that it was immeasurable, to saying “Yes!” to life and leaving her emotionally abusive marriage, becoming and International Bestselling Author, a TV and Radio personality and a global coach. Her message is: If I can be confident, so can you- there’s nothing special going on over here.” This workshop will help you identify your next steps to becoming the fully confident human you were meant to be.

THE 3 KEYS TO SELF-LOVE: There are 3 distinct steps to initiating your self-love journey, and unless you take these steps, your result will not stand the storms that will inevitably come your way. This workshop will walk you through the 3 Keys and guide you to what you need to do for yourself to begin or continue your journey to the ultimate emotional emancipation that is your birthright. You can blow through emotional abuse, fear, depression and anxiety if you do these 3 Keys faithfully.

HEALING FROM HEARTBREAK: How do you mend a broken heart? You do it through giving yourself lots of Tender Loving Care and being very gentle with yourself. This class teaches you how to stop the mental loops of “If I’d only done this…”, “What did I do wrong?” and “How could I have been better?” You will learn to let go of the guilt and begin the baby steps of starting over and moving on.

Facilitator: Lorraine Pursell, MA, Empowerment Coach, uses her own journey from debilitating depression and anxiety for her encouraging work. Her signature techniques have healed her and her clients since 1995. Info on classes, call (808) 936-4370 or email Lorraine@LorrainePursell.com. Visit https://lorrainepursell.com/ for her TV shows and info. Get her most popular eBook FREE at www.3KeysToSelfLove.com.