Weekly Open Guitar Workshop w/ Rik Loyola

5-6 pm, weekly on Wednesday, Need a little more practice on your guitar or other string instruments before the jam? Come early for an optional open guitar workshop w/ Rik Loyola. All levels welcome.

6-7pm, weekly on Wednesday, Use what you have learned in the workshop to harmonize & co-create music within a group of diverse levels just for the fun of the experience. All welcome. Learn from some, teach others. Bring your instrument and add your voice to our collaborative efforts.


John Farrelly, soninit@aol.com, talented self-taught singer, musician & songwriter.

Rik Loyola, master guitar player, performer, with 30years experience he is more than willing to share!

Jason Thompson, Jason@jtgigs.com, 30 years experience playing and performing, 13 years teaching guitar, piano and voice lessons. Learn more Jason@jtgigs.com.