Weekly Thai Bodywork Clinic w/ Miwa Oseki Robbins

7:15-8:30pm, weekly in September in the FEELING room with the 3rd Wednesday being a monthly health & wellness check-up coaching session in the KNOWING room.

Please note the Thai Bodywork Clinic sign up is first come, first served via in-house sign up sheet.

Think Massage and Yoga have a baby, and you don’t have to do any work! Come in comfortable clothes, like what you might where to yoga and you will be on a mat on the floor while I move and stretch you body, applying pressure on marma (aka meridian) points to give you an experience of deep relaxation and release. Thai Bodywork is an ancient form of bodywork that is said to have been developed by the physician of the Buddha. Traditionally, in Thailand, farmers would work on each other after long days in the field and monks would also work on each other after long days of sitting meditating. To receive and give Thai is both like a meditation and a dance. It can be slow and gentle or quite dynamic and full of movement. It has roots in Ayurvedic traditions and so the goal is to create balance in the body, which sometimes means creating a little more heat and fire, and sometimes means to soothe and hold. As the practitioner I listen to your body and your words to discern what it is you are needing and wanting, in terms of pace, pressure and quality of touch. I will be doing 15-20 minutes mini sessions so consider this a taster to see what Thai Bodywork is all about!

7-8:30pm, 3rd Wednesday, Explore Health & Wellness with Miwa September 19th. Join me for an interactive discussion on health and wellness! Each month will be a different topic, but every month will include an opportunity to learn, discuss, and discover for yourself some new perspective or gain some new tools. This first month we will dive into what does Health actually mean? We will look at how our culture defines health and then how each of you individually defines health and give you some starting points for how to tune in to how your body may already be trying to guide you to a place of well being. My approach to Health and Wellness is holistic and individual. What makes you vibrant and health-full is not the same as the next person. I will ask you to consider not just the health of your body, but also the health of your relationships, career, and spiritual life. And I will ask you to start looking inside for the answers of how to feel and be healthy. Come with a pen/pencil and something to write on, and be ready to engage.

Facilitator: Miwa Oseki Robbins comes from two generations of healers and psychotherapists and has her own healing arts practice, Flow State Healing (miwarobbins.com) out of the Healing Arts Center on Daniel Island. She does Thai Bodywork as well as Health and Wellness coaching and is continually learning and furthering her skills to be able to offer more to her clients. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has over 100 hours of training in Thai Bodywork with Ariela Grodner of the Florida School of Massage. She loves the modality of Thai Bodywork because it is practiced on the floor and feels very connected to the Earth while engaging her whole body in a way that feels healing for both the client and herself. Miwa has been described as “intuitively wise” and her treatments an “incredible experience” and “very healing.”