Weekly Zen Fusion w/ Tommie Williams

6-7pm, weekly each Thursday upstairs in the GATHERING room.

15 minute reflection on Wisdom of the Spirit from the ageless teachers: Enoch, Moses, Confucius, Prophecy, Buddhist, Dr. King and others… followed by 45 minutes of deep imagination meditation.

Searching for Simplicity and a Path To Enlightenment through Zen Fusion…
-Meditation – Loving Kindness
– Contemplation
-Buddhist Psychology
-Devine Centering Prayer

Across cultures, through the countless centuries the spiritual quests resounds in all humanity. We are all spiritual seekers awaiting timeless revelations that lie within us. Today’s globalization reveals the fusion connection of all major faiths. Herein most of us have our western Christian heritage incorporated deeply and profoundly imbued major aspects of our spiritual thoughts, belief systems and values. Powerful spiritual teachers and philosophers have arisen and continue to arise from Siddarth (Buddha), Jesus the Christ, Saint Paul and St. Augustine, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandels, Ceandhr, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai lama and numerous others. In Zen Fusion we learn from them all hence our moniker searching for simplicity – A Path to Enlightenment.
Zen is austere, highly disciplined in the meditation, nature driven, Koan inspired, intuitively bound in the mystery surrounding life itself. Our Zen Fusion class invites you whatever your spiritual background or belief system to go within to experience this search (quest) for meaning, simplicity and he wise heart in our troubled conflicted world.

The most profound living eternal wisdom and enlightenment are found in quiet stillness, respectful prayer and contemplation. Our own personal truths, revelations, universal pains awaken to scared wisdom and the middle path of enlightenment, which transcends both the heart and the mind. Please come sit with us each Monday sharing as we open to our restless wandering thoughts and feelings connecting together in contemplative meditation with a balanced heart and mind

Facilitator: E. Tommie Williams, islandtommie52@live.com, came from a Protestant upbringing and studied in depth biblical studies. He was an instruction in North and South Carolina. He studied transcendental meditation, took classes in the books of Maharishi yogi and holds a special studies certification from the University of South Carolina. He has a certification in meditation and macrobiotic nutritional health special studies and special studies certification in Mending Hearts – Spirit and Mind from the Providence Hospital in Columbia, SC. He went to a Spirit Rock Zen meditation retreat headed by Jack Kornfield in California. Studied Judaic studies history of Judaism with Rabbi Oppenheimer at the University of South Carolina. Attended Christian retreats at the Mepkin Abby, Ecumenical collaborative studies (Thailand Monks), Contemplative Centering Prayer course, and Contemplative aging course, in Monks Corner. He practiced Tanteic Positivity in physical massage, incorporating Zen meditation teachings. He is a Universalist Church Ordained Pastor and a Zen Fusion course facilitator at the Center for Holistic Health in Mt. Pleasant, SC