Wellness Wednesdays w/ Christina Stevenson

6-7pm, weekly each Wednesday beginning October 3rd in the KNOWING room.

Christina will host a variety of subjects such as:

  • “The Never List” how to read labels and understand ingredients of what you are applying to your body and face, along with what you are eating.
  • How to reduce wrinkles, detox and skin elasticity through Jade Rolling and LED lights.
  • Protein Pacing and how eating the right amount and kind of protein and what protein does for the body.
  • Healthy Aging and addressing how to support telomeres so you aging with vitality and wellness.
  • Sugar and Inflammation. Teaching and coaching how to make daily changes to dramatically reduce your intake of sugar while listening to your body.
  • Do you need a cellular cleanse to rid your body of the toxins and impurities. What a cellular cleanse consist of and how to get rid of unhealthy fat.

Facilitator: Christina Stevenson/Synergy Skin 360, Nutrition from the inside and out

A native of Charleston-SC, Christina has been a licensed esthetician for 15 years which has allowed her to work all over the East Coast in a variety of industry venues.

Her work has included education, sales and as well as owning her own skin treatment spa. She is especially passionate about skin care because of the impact ingredients have on the face and within the body. Realizing that skin care goes much deeper than just the outer appearance, she was driven to complete a 3 year Nutrition Therapy Certification. This advanced training allows her to teach consumers of all ages how everything we put in or on our body plays a part of overall health in a positive or negative way.

She loves consulting with individuals on how making small changes daily can be the beginning to a healthier lifestyle thus living life with vitality and awareness.