Participants explore various class topics, paired with hospitality and offered in a cozy retreat environment which includes a creative arts studio, full working kitchen, inspirational library, workout studio, meditation room, healing room, meditative painting/drawing space, vegetable & herb garden, bee hive, public medieval 5 circuit labyrinth and three classrooms.






Connect! Inspire! Empower!


Class topics have included but are not limited to painting/drawing techniques, cooking and juicing demonstrations, spiritual growth book clubs, centering prayer, creative writing/journaling, guitar/piano/voice, art/craft, figure drawing, theater/ improv, all instrument jam, interior design, essential oils, introduction to labyrinths, astronomy and dream interpretation workshops, empowerment and emotional health programs, EFT tapping, drum circles, yoga/Qigong/body fitness/belly dancing/Pilates/Zumba/kickboxing/body balance, gardening, singing bowls, Christian scripture studies/fellowship group, sewing, knitting, guided meditation, nutrition, wellbeing, weight loss, 12 step, domestic abuse, adoptee, autoimmune and caregiver support groups, the MELT Method, singing the HU, continuum, Hindu spirituality, 3D printing, jewelry design/restyle/repair, energy clinic, chanting, cultural immersion classes and guided community outreach opportunities.

The most exciting aspect is that bliss is a co-op and class offerings expand with each new Participant's support!